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“ Sure that our children’s care and growth are the bases for a better future”

Antonella Gennatiempo

Welcome to the Study Centre Scuola del Portare® – ITALIAN BABYWEARING SCHOOL® !

The Studies Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ® has been created thanks Dr. Antonella Gennatiempo’s years of experience. Many “Consulenti del portare®” – babywearyng consultants- have joined SdP’s methodology.

The heart of The Studies Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ® is made by the strong passion and constant work of all our consultants and not only … by all carrying women, men, professionals, mothers, fathers, it has the strength of all their hugs, tenderness, kisses and caresses.

Nowadays SdP is a cooperative , an association of consultants – more than 300- , friends and followers with the common aim to rediscover and support the complex and surprising relationship mother – father- child.

Carrying means to pay attention and embrace newborn and child’s needs, it means to recognise each mother and father’s knowledge. It is an eco-friendly choice … it is a choice of high love contact level.

To celebrate our 10 years as national and international babywearing school, the Italian Study Center Scuola del Portare presents a new a new format.

The Italian Babywearing School arrives in our logo with a new light, warm colors, calling up the journeys that inspired our founder, Dr Antonella Gennatiempo, in particular Rebozo and Mexican colors.

Warm colors as a symbol of the energy given by our Consultants to parents who in her trust.

mondo collage

The Study Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE ® offers training, refreshers and workshops, conferences and support lead by Italian and foreign trainers. It also offers specific programs to Hospitals, Nurseries, healthcare professional, NICU, granting the most qualified personnel and a qualified scientific committee.

Study Centre SCUOLA DEL PORTARE – Italian Babywearing School® SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE:

Technical Group

The technical group aims to answer to the growing Babywearing word needs (producers/ artisans) giving careful support, improving and testing carriers in order to grant the higest possible quality to users.

Technical group purposes are:

  • Feedback to improve carriers (general/ specific)
  • Reviews
  • Instruction for manuals
  • Instruction to realize new carriers
  • “Scuola del Portare®” quality certification

The technical group is made by highly specialised professional. It is divided into fields of competence according to each member abilities, knowledge and skills always sharing a great team working.

Here the Consulenti del Portare consultants member of the technical group:

Antonella Gennatiempo – Doctor in Psychology, Trainer, facilitator for female activities.


The interest for themes as contact and primary needs is at the bases of her long lasting work in a restored project for parents’ “in contact” culture. Since 2001 supports parents, in particular women /mothers. In 2002 started her training in babywearing attending several different European schools and joining conferences (England, Germany) in a continuous training. After her degree thesis about “ the carried child: from kangaroo therapy to wellness promotion”, in 2008 she founded the “La Scuola del Portare®” to promote Babywearing in Italy. . Since she was 21 she started a long personal pathway from a spiritual and educational point of view, exploring and integrating in her job the Family Constellations, Holding therapy.

She firmly believes the human being as in a continuous changing and as a part of it she is always in continuous learning of changing knowledge with three basic centers: head – hearth- belly. Recently she is working to Willi Maurer’s emotional and corporal practice. Nowadays she also works with women’s groups in a path of psychic awareness of female sanctity and menstrual cyclicity thanks to “ Moon circles” and “Red Tents”, thanks to Mama Andrea Atekokolli’s guide and Miranda Grey and Alexandra Pope’s training.

Selene Fabri:

Technical Group coordinator

She coordinates the technical group and organizes communication and contacts with producers and suppliers.


Francesca Aledda:

materials and their characteristic study

Designer for more than 20 years, sampler seamstress and evolutionary and methods analyst, she teaches the study of commodities, owns a tailor’s shop since 7 years and is the responsible designer of a brand studied for mothers and children, in particular babywearing carriers. She is studying as Consultant.

Manuela Maestrello:

Technical Group member

Specialized in the creation of handmade carriers. She realizes in particular Mei Tai, a long and never-ending passion always in growth trying to offer to parents the right carrier for their needs. Her competence comes from the study of materials and textiles, their characteristics and their different payload attitude with different loads and seams, always trying to improve her products to offer a good carrier both to parents and children to unload in the correct way granting an ergonomic position. She is a certified Consulente del Portare specialized in Twin carrying.

Alice Marongiu:

Specialized in the creation of handmade carriers. She has worked as producer for 4 years having the chance to touch and experience several woven wraps from different producers, testing and studying differences and types of textures. Thanks to her technical studies ( engineer of civil construction) she applied her knowledge to her handmade products studying them from the point of view of loads, unload and forces in action, constantly verifying seams and potential breaking points, regulations and suitable sizes. She is a certified Consulente del Portare Consultant.

Elisa Valzan– Internship Technical trainer Study Centre Scuola del Portare®

Mother of two children, living in Turin. Her first approach to infant world was a two-year grad program on Aucouturier’s educational psychomotricity during her first pregnancy, when her first child Samuele born. Since then maternity and childhood care permeate her being. She continued her growth becoming an AIMI infant massage teacher. With her second child, Emanuel, she discovers the figure of Consulente del Portare as a way to carry her child in the safest and most physiologic way and decides to start her training as Consulente del Portare® to help families in this mothering path. During her training she meets and knows wonderful women and is strongly determined in her growth to support this net (also becoming SdP’s   regional coordinator for Piedmont). An important aspect of her life is the continuous research of physical and spiritual wellness, she is a training Pilates teacher (training in standby after

Flavia Giai Minet:

33 years old from Turin she obtained her certification in 2018. Her passion for babywearing was born together with her daughter Sole, 5 years ago. She studied intercultural communication at University of Turin and later completely changed her interests and became a sommelier. Sole’s birth totally changed her life. She had always dreamed to learn weaving and thanks to a university founded training she realized her dream. Her passion grew and she continued to learn and here she is, working by herself, the grates job in the world. The love and curiosity for foreign cultures never stopped on the contrary it has been the contact point with another weaver to realize, together, a free weave course for migrants, in particular women, we host in Italy. A fantastic cultural exchanges reach of textile knowledge! My two big passions in an unique project

Educational and scientific center – Antonella Gennatiempo is responsible for the psycho-pedagogic didactic model, Maura Morigi and Paola Andrisani for the ethno anthropological field and several supports for the continuous scientific research:

P1100381Maura Morigi – Technical trainer Study Centre Scuola del Portare®

Graduated in conservation of cultural goods, master in Food Culture, she has long worked in tourism and museum education.

After her first daughter birth she has completely changed her life starting again from herself, starting to ear her instinctive nature. She believes that instinct has its reason to be important and to rationally accept it she has started to deep studies on continuum.

It’s in that moment her history with Scuola del Portare® started.

May 2014 she certified as Consulente del Portare®

May 2015 training for new techniques, twin carrying.

July 2015 Trainer Scuola del Portare®

Dott.ssa Paola Andrisani

Graduated in Ethnology at the university of Bari with a thesis on a practical research about a Senegalese community in Italy. She spent three years in Senegal leading anthropological researches on female mutual-aid groups and hip hop movement, with a particular eye to women.

She also lived three years in France, Paris, working and studying her doctorate. She is a cultural and legal mediator, for 20 years she works analyzing migration processes, reception of applicants for asylum, in particular trafficked persons and foreign young people without parents, racism and discrimination.

When her child Michele Fadel born in November 2012 she discovered mothering from a different point of view. Carrying her child gave her new strength to study, to know thought other cultures and migrants, the practice of babywearing and childhood care. Always in the never-ending flow of “metissage”. In 2017 she became a certified Consulente del Portare®.

11873799_10206850314603699_2788699403925116262_nSabrina Pietrini – Technical trainer Study Centre Scuola del Portare®

diploma in accounting and bookkeeping with artistic soul.

She has long worked as accountant in a motor rehabilitation center both for disabled and young people.

Becoming mother she changed starting to pay attention at what being parents mean, maybe looking for her own parenthood.

In this research she discovered babywearing, as newborn care good practice based on her own and children listening, on newborn’s needs satisfaction. She discovered Babywearing with her first child Daniele, but it’s with Maya, her daughter, she had a strong passion to communicate to other parents the importance of babywearing, to support and help them in

A competent, effective and empathetic way. In May 2014 she certified as Consulente del Portare®. Thanks to her strong passion she continued her training in new techniques and twin carrying in 2015, during the same year she also obtained her graduation as Trainer Scuola del Portare® following not only parents but also new consultants in their training.

Adele Ricci – Technical trainer Study Centre Scuola del Portare®

She is from Abruzzo, classical studies and mother of 3 children.

During her first pregnancy she discovered the contact parenthood culture and babywearing, she decided to follow her heart and signed on to Scuola del Portare® training.

In 2013 she certified as Consulente del Portare®. In a personal and continuous training she has also trained in new techniques and twin carrying in 2015. Since then she constantly works to improve herself and support parents. In 2014 she also follows Rebozo technique training and becomes breastfeeding peer in 2016. In 2017 she starts university following Educational Sciences courses. Her work is her passion and big love. In 2013 she also was named SdP’s regional coordinator for Abruzzo, working on a regional net between parents and consultants Consulenti del Portare®.

FFuFrancesca Furino – external trainer – counsellor and psychosynthetic professional; individual and groups psychosynthesis, planning, training.

After studying as interpreter and translator and a long experience as project assistant for the development of food safety by FAO’s , she becomes a professional in the support relation according the psychosynthesis: an integral vision of mankind to grow and develop his potential values, ideals, consciousness and creativity. A solid qualification in Human Psychological Astrology according Jungh’s models, a pioneering mixture between the depth psychology and the transpersonal and spiritual consciousness of the human being. Trainer in communication, orienteering, corporal expression techniques, (psychosomatic mindfulness). By the use of a severe method intends to promote the self- trans – formation of experiences, restoring the centrality of individuals and their Here and Now. She promotes training courses and works with groups on theoretical and practical experiences to let consciousness grow , paying great attention to female universe all along the self-individuation process, aimed to an integral understanding of personal experiences – on a bio – psych- spiritual level.

foto 1Dott. Giorgia Amicizia – external trainer-
graduated with honors in the Neuro and Psychomotricity of the age of development therapy

she’s long been collaborating with the most qualified halfway houses in Lazio, working on the diagnosis, care and rehabilitation process from neurological, neuro-psychological and/or psychiatric pathologies in infantile. She has always been sensitive to social issues: in 2010, together with EFO and AWA Onlus associations was named responsible for “ AmiciziAbili” project – friendship makes able- working on cooperation and development to integrate Senegalese disabled children. Thanks to this experience she came into contact with carrying culture and decided to study further about the use of wove wraps in rehabilitation process, with great attention to emotional and relational aspects with attention focused on the parent-child dyad. She has enriched her experiences and knowledge all along the years paying attention to infants and organizing courses at the Bratelton Center of the pediatric hospital Meyer in Florence. She also started a graduation as infant massage instructor (awaiting graduation C.I.M.I.)

foto corso

Dott. Guido Viola – external trainer

majored in Neuro Psychomotor developmental therapy and a degree in Osteopathic medicine and kinesiology

has always had a holistic and integrated approach to evolutionary aspects and a Master in Natural Medicine. His experience has always been focused on human aspects of development, in particular neonatal disease and rehabilitation and homeopathic medicine. He collaborates with several hospitals and rehabilitation centers to promote the prevention of adult disease due to an undiagnosed neonatal disease. He applies the homeopathic principles to the use of the woven wrap and babywearing as support and aid in dysfunctional pattern solving.

susanna  Dr.ssa Susanna Marongiu – external trainer – Consulente del portare and Midwife,

Two years ago she started her trainer career on WHO UNICEF breastfeeding. Her lessons are addressed to childhood care professional, pharmacists, volunteers and breastfeeding peer counsellor.


Thea van Tuyl – external trainer – Rebozo School – Netherlands

Thea is a prenatal teacher (she carries lessons for couples in Netherlands “Samen bevallen”, that means birth together). She has trained birth professional for more than 15 years. SINCE 2000 she is member of ENCA (European Net of Birth Associations), a net working to improve mother and child care. She is ENCA Netherlands department secretary. She also was part in the launch of Doulas’ training in Utrecht and became Doula trainer. Attending several “Ostetrica oggi”“European conferences on midwifery she has learned the Mexican Rebozo practice from Naoli Vinaver. In 2007 she started to promote Rebozo massage training together with Mirjam de Keijzer. In 2008 they wrote together a book in Dutch on Rebozo (under Naoli Vinaver supervision). It was translated in English in 2009 and since then she continuously promotes workshops in Europe. Thea lives in Apeldoorn, she is married and has two children.

mirjam-de-keijzerMirjam de Keijzer – external trainer-  Rebozo School – Netherlands

Mirjam lives with her husband and children in Oosterbeek, Netherlands. During her pregnancies she attended “Samen bevallen” prenatal courses and since 2001 she is herself a birth trainer. In 2006 she was among the very first Doulas certified in Utrecht. Her contact with the Rebozo massage date to her Doula training while attending the “Ostetrica Oggi” conferences in Europe. Since 2007 she organizes Rebozo technique workshops together with Thea van Tuyl.