Carrying Path

Why attending a Babywearing training?

Carrying babies is one of the most ancient and natural practice of all mothers and many cultures pass it from generation to generation. It is the most spontaneous motherhood attitude in all mammals. Yes, we are mammals!

We need to restore this attitude in the West: its correct practice and safety are granted by professional’s qualified support. Starting from the last month of pregnancy or at child’s birth, the Consulente del Portare® consultant supports parents in choosing the most suitable carrier and shows them the safest techniques to wear it from a functional and ergonomic point of view, both for parents and children. Parents become more and more able and children will always have an ergonomic physiologic position during their growth.


The structure of The Study Center Scuola del Portare®

We offer our parents three lessons courses.

  • Basic: from pregnancy until the baby has a head self-control.
  • Advanced: from baby’s head 7 back self-control on.

Each lesson has its space for sharing experiences and a technical one.

Courses can be individual or groups.

As an alternative we also offer personal counseling.

What do we need?

  • The baby J
  • Non-slip socks and comfortable clothes
  • Cakes, biscuits, almonds and lot of joy to share … we will organize for teas and brews.

During the courses you will touch and test different woven wraps / slings/ ergonomic carriers, etc.


Carrying path

We do believe that Carrying is a Path (often abandoned if we don’t have the right aid), we suggest to profit of the Carrying Path, made of 6 meetings, offering to parents the opportunity to experience themselves what being” carried and contained” means since the beginning of their personal and individual growth.


Bump carrying

corso-pancioneThe use of a woven wrap during the last months of pregnancy is the best possible way to offer to mothers and babies the essential progressive competence needed.

It is a postural aid because of the pregnancy tiredness of the last period without replacing or impinging muscle.

It helps in handling the woven wraps: at babies birth the wrap will smell mother and the smell will be immediately recognized.



Schermata 2013-07-18 a 22.04.44Pregnancy Rebozo Massage

Many of our Consultants offer pregnancy Rebozo Massage, it consists in an ancient Mexican shawl used not only to carry children, but also to massage muscles, bones circulatory system to relax pregnant women during and after pregnancy. After the birth it is used for a “closing massage” giving them the opportunity to feel and ear their bodies.

After their body, their soul, their heart have grown becoming passage for the new life … an ancestral practice “to contain” … let it wrap you!

If you want a Rebozo Massage, look for our nearest consultant adding Rebozo to your search.


Front carrying

Listen to your baby, keep in touch with him/her in the most natural way, touching yourselves; it helps the newborn in experiencing the birth shock living it without blows, to support pregnant women and to be able to feed her love creates love and the baby finds again his natural place, the mother’s body.



Hip Carrying

corso-fiancoTo follow the natural baby’s psych physical development; to help him/her in establishing relations with the external world under the sweet eye and control of his/her mother or father; it is the starting point in autonomy experiencing.




Back Carrying 

corso-schienaA few meetings to experience the beauty of the “non-controlling” in a direct visual way your children but to have confidence in them and rely on skin … muscle… feelings sensations.




Daddy carries me

corso-papàIt is a space conceived in particular for fathers, to let them practice quick and easy techniques, to share their experiences with other fathers. Mothers are given a relaxing space to chat and share with other mothers… maybe having a rebozo massage.


Grandpa & Grandma carry me


A place opened to grandparents and their grandchildren. We give to grandparents the opportunity to learn quick and easy techniques to carry their grandchildren, sharing with other grandparents.




Look for our consultants’ articles and all the babywearing experiences shared in our Babywearing area.



  1. Because it is comfortable both for children and parents
  2. Because it follows baby’s physiology
  3. Because it is baby’s primary need
  4. Because it is the continuum between the life inside and outside the bump
  5. Because it is written in our DNA
  6. Because it stimulates psychomotor, social and relational development
  7. Because it stimulates and helps breastfeeding
  8. Because helps fathers in experiencing pregnancy
  9. To understand that getting pampered doesn’t mean getting spoiled
  10. To have a further communication instrument with our children.