How to choose a good video.

Thousands of videos are available on the net, all realized by foreign consultants, carriers producers and quite experienced mothers. Some of them contain wrong information and don’t respect basic safety measures. Here you are what do you really need when looking for a good video:

  • The video should be registered by the use of demonstration dolls or children’s voluntary consent
  • Slings must be used in total safety, that is children must never be left with no support both of the slings or hands.
  • Steps must be clear and have a suitable rhythm to understand details.
  • At the end baby’s position must be a physiologic one (respecting his natural kyphosis, knees higher than bottom, soles of the feet towards the floor)
  • The bottom. The head and the neck must be accurately supported, especially in newborns.
  • Edges should not be relaxed and there should not be surplus wrap at the end.
  • the carrier to be tight without room for the baby to slump down into the carrier or else lean away from your body(there is no room for a closed fist between you and your baby).
  • The wrap has to be tied with the hands and fixed between your legs while it is not wrapped. Tying holding the wrap with your teeth, shoulder, face, or external aids (walls, furniture, etc.) is not safe.
  • Front and back carrying tying should be symmetric and balance in the correct way the wearer.
  • Wraps have to be appropriate to baby’s age/weigh.
  • Elastic slings have to be used only for front carrying with three sling layers.
  • Any kind of used carrier must respect baby’s physiology, in particular hip positioning (too often very young newborn show a too big seat).