Parents’ meetings

CARRYING a child offers to parents the opportunity to experience and practice non verbal language, communicating to the child by “doing” without words, listening to what the child communicates by being carried. It enhances the parenthood bounding and parents children relationship.

Antonella Gennatiempo

“Scuola del Portare®” meetings aim to offer:

  • A space to share babywearing experiences.
  • A time to meet in small groups, in a suitable space both for mothers and babies, an intimate and safe place where mothers can share experiences and emotions together with their babies and talk, chat, have an healthy break and may be fine new friends
  • A Place to experience and learn new carrying techniques in the safest possible way guided by a qualified and expert consultant, a place where it is possible to have answers and practical suggestions.
  • A “path with a heart” to be walked together with other parents, to face and share his unique experience; a journey stating with meetings and continues with gatherings, mountain walks , etc.

Enjoy babywearing

Antonella Gennatiempo