Carrying children- babywearing- is more and more developing in Europe.

In Italy the request of courses, information and training on babywearing is growing and growing, anyway suitable training locations are still not enough and often unprofessional. The result is that people interested in carrying their children often give up with babywearing or do it in the wrong way using non ergonomic children position and, as a result, wrong adult positions, or receives only commercial information.

Training as Consulente del Portare® means to create professional to support and help parents for a “safe babywearing” giving them the right certified and qualified aid to the new extremely sensitive parenthood.



The Study Center Scuola del Portare® offers a continuously updated and complete training.

The whole training to be a Consulente del Portare® grants absolute professionalism always supported by our tutors and our a combined learning approach based on e-learning and classroom modules.

The training consists of a unique complete course (Basic Module + Advanced Module + Certification).

Qualification: Consulente del Portare®